Congratulations Mr. Fulkerson

Signature Rockford would like to congratulate Mr. David Fulkerson, on his completion of therapy. Mr. Fulkerson made sure that stakeholders signed his cast before discharge. Thank you for letting us care for you!

Congratulations, Mr. Doutrick!

Signature HealthCARE at Rockford would like to congratulate Mr. Doutrick for his completion of therapy. Thank you for letting us care for you!

Camp Signature Kickoff 2019

We are excited to announce that Camp Signature is finally kicked off here at Rockford for the first time ever! We had a blast and know we will continue to have a great time with our campers!


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I Will Never Give Up

I ran into “Willie” in the hallway jabbering with a coworker, asking questions about how to get his buddy “Mack” to the dentist.  I joined the conversation and “Willie” began to tell me about his friendship with “Mack.”

“The two of us have been friends going way back! 50 years! We’re best buds.”  This dedicated best pal comes in with regularity to visit. He often brings things in that he needs. On this day, he had brought a brand spanking new pair of shoes, sleek black sneakers with lots of cushion.

“Mack” is a resident I see every morning as he makes his way back to his room after breakfast.  He has some strength in his arms, which he uses to propel his wheelchair slowly and steadily down the hall.  It’s just a crawl, really. He moves the wheels only a little bit with each push, but he gets there, inch by inch. We have a customary greeting that we share when we see each other. I sing to him, “Row, row, row your chair, gently down the hall – “ and he generally cracks up right about there, and if we’re feeling chipper, we laugh and say hello, and sometimes I even make up a silly verse like, “Faster, faster, faster, go! Isn’t this a ball!”

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Move, Groove, Pray

One of my favorite go-to activities with residents is singing and playing music with them, either on my ukulele or my violin, and sharing music from Apple Tunes on my cool little Bluetooth speaker.  They love that little speaker! Frederick Buechner talks about how we can discover our mission or life purpose by looking for the place where our passion and the world’s deep needs intersect.  When we find ourselves in that place of intersection, we may be getting close to doing God’s will for us.  I think musical expression is one of those places for me, even though I am not a trained musician.

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Memorial Day

SHC at Rockford would like to honor our fallen heroes on Memorial Day!! Thank you for your service!

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